Team Us: Marriage Together - Ashleigh Slater

I received this book in exchange for
an honest review from NetGalley.

This is a great book for engaged or married couples and for anyone who thinks they may want to get married some day. Ashleigh adds anecdotes from her marriage as well as some of her friends marriages throughout the book. She blends humor and wisdom very nicely which makes this book an enjoyable reading experience. Her husband Ted's views are also dispersed here and there throughout each chapter so you get a feel for his view on the topic at hand as well. At the end of each chapter there are sets of questions to ponder about your own marriage that pertain to the topic covered in that chapter. It is also worth noting that the author quotes from the Bible and relates them to marital and relationship situations.


The main focus of the book is teamwork. Marriage is a union and requires give and take.  It also requires work. Working on romance, shared interests and communication skills.  Ashleigh states in the book, "Perhaps marriage is a continual learning process."


"A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers." -Ruth Bell Graham


Below are some of my favorite quotes from the book that I feel are sound advice for any relationship.

"Not only have I spoken well of him, pointing out the ways I recognize and appreciate him, but I've also made it about me. I've focused on a "this is how I feel," rather than a "you did this" approach."


"I've realized that marriage doesn't require us to have all the same interests. In fact, I think it might get a bit boring if we did."


"Rather than fear disagreements he viewed them as an opportunity to improve our communication and deepen our trust in one another. How very mature of him."


"Like a squeeze of a sponge brings to the surface stuff that's soaked deep within, sometimes conflict brings to light stuff in our hearts---stuff that we might not otherwise see. For the sake of my heart, I want to keep my eyes wide open during these uncomfortable opportunities rather than avoid them." (Ted, Ashleigh's husband)


"An unburdened heart is one that's not weighed down by grudges."


"Often the best way to prevent grudges and unforgiveness is by stopping conflict before it even starts."


"Verbal affirmation. Truth is, Ted can't read my mind. While my actions may demonstrate that I support and appreciate him, he needs my words too."


"Words paired with action are simple yet powerful---especially when the going is a bit tough. And when you add dreaming to them, sometimes that's when mountains are moving."


"It's important that I'm purposeful in whom I bring into my confidence; that I'm intentional when I determine the friends I go to for counsel, advice, and prayer."


"You and your spouse need to decide what you are both comfortable with when it comes to confiding about your marriage to others."


"We don't live a fake Christian life in front of others and something else at home."

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