Home Blooms: A Hometown Harbor Novel (Hometown Harbor Series Book 2) - Tammy L. Grace

My rating3 of 5 stars

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review from the author.



Home Blooms is Tammy L. Grace's second installment of her Hometown Harbor series.  You can see my review of her first book, Finding Home: A Hometown Harbor Novel (Volume 1) HERE.

The story continues with Sam and Jeff planning their wedding, getting married and trying to play matchmaker to Sam's friend Max and Friday Harbor's florist, Linda.  About a quarter into the book Ms. Grace transitions nicely from focusing on Sam and Jeff's relationship to the blossoming friendship of Max and Linda.

The newlyweds endure a tragedy and rely on Max and Linda to help them through tough times ahead.  Linda also uncovers a family secret and begins opening up to Max as their relationship and trust in one another grows. 

I enjoyed the storyline of the book, but felt it could've moved along a bit quicker.  Also, I don't think I've ever read a book with so much eating involved that it actually made me hungry when I'd read the book!  It seemed like they were either getting pies from the coffee shop, pastries from Sweet Treats, pizza from The Big Cheese, eating at restaurants, ordering in or preparing meals at home.  Maybe next time the reader would enjoy some recipes thrown in the mix so they could try their hand at some of the coffee shop's famous pies or some of the other recurring meals in the story.  


(Tammy does offer a FREE pie recipe for readers who wish to subscribe to her e-mail list and receive her updates here.) 

The next installment in this series is A Promise Of Homewhich I will be reading around Christmas time this year.  This series is a very enjoyable, laid back, light read and I recommend it to anyone looking to escape to the small town of Friday Harbor.