Blueprints - Barbara Delinsky

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

***This review does NOT contain any major spoilers***


Main Cast Of Characters:


Theodore MacAfee- Owner of MacAfee Homes, father of Roy MacAfee, grandfather to Jamie MacAfee and ex father-in-law to Caroline MacAfee


Roy MacAfee- Father to Jamie MacAfee, ex-husband to Caroline MacAfee, husband to Jessica MacAfee, father to two year old Tad and marketing manager for MacAfee Homes


Caroline MacAfee- Mother to Jamie MacAfee, host of the public television show 'Gut It!' and master carpenter


Jamie MacAfee- Daughter of Caroline and Roy MacAfee , fiance to Brad Greer, architect for MacAfee Homes and 'Gut It!'


Brad Greer- Attorney for MacAfee Homes and Jamie MacAfee's fiance


Jessica MacAfee- Roy MacAfee's third wife, mother to two year old Tad and stepmother to Jamie MacAfee


Taddy MacAfee- Roy and Jessica MacAfee's son, Jamie MacAfee's step-brother


Dean Brannick- general contractor for 'Gut It!' and friend to Caroline MacAfee


Annie Ahl- Landscape designer for 'Gut It!' and Caroline MacAfee's best friend


Claire Howe- producer of 'Gut It!'


Brian Levitt- General Manager of the television station that hosts 'Gut It!'


Williston, MA, twenty miles west of Boston, is home to a local home improvement television show called Gut It!  MacAfee Homes is the main builder in the area but they are fearing another family builder by the name of Barth may be trying to worm their way into the area.


On the morning of Jamie MacAfee's Mom's birthday her father Roy wants to meet with her at the local diner.  He tells her that the television station wants to make some changes to the show to improve ratings and they want Jamie to be the new host.  Jamie is an architect and appears on Gut It! with her mother Caroline, the host.  Jamie decides not to tell her mother because it's her birthday and believes this change is due to her mother being middle aged!  Jamie hopes she can convince her father, producer and general manager that this is not the right decision for the show.  Unfortunately, Caroline does find out, but not from Jamie, and it causes a huge rift between mother and daughter.


There is an unexpected accident and Jamie's life changes forever, but she's not on speaking terms with her mother so she must handle many of these changes and challenges on her own.


The beginning of this book was a bit slow for me, but once the first major event in the story occurred the book flowed nicely. The main theme in this book is life changes for women of differing ages and how they handle what is thrown their way. Other subjects touched upon are personal growth, ageism, sexism, relationship and family issues.




Available June 9th, 2015