The Inner Critic Advantage: Making Peace with the Noise in Your head - Andrea Patten, David-Matthew Barnes

This book was recommended by one of AVON's top representatives, Lisa M. Wilber, Platinum Executive Leader. Lisa also wrote a recommendation at the very beginning of this book. Andrea Patten addresses the fact that everyone has always been told to hush the inner critic within you. Her approach is to try to work with that voice so that it can work for you, instead of against you. "Finding benefits hidden by annoyances is not an easy process. It takes effort, energy and focus. And creating a new, more peaceful relationship with your Inner Critic is complicated by the fact that, for years, experts have been offering advice on how to silence the Inner Critic." She believes that by trying to 'kill off' the inner critic brings it back to be "even stronger and naggier than before." What is an inner critic? Patten describes it in this way: "An Inner Critic is our brain's misinterpretation of stimulus or data that: amplifies harsh self-judgement, creates negative self-talk and, interferes with the confidence needed to take action toward personal goals and desires." The author also gives many ideas and skills to help "transpose the negative into positive." "Your Inner Critic can brilliantly detect threats but is none too bright about priority-setting." Patten also recommends giving your inner critic a new name....something that "brings both comfort and confidence." "Personal growth strategies are not Swiss Army knives: I can't think of a single one that works in every situation, that's why it's such a good idea to try them on for size." "Part of nurturing an inner ally involves deciding which messages to focus on and which ones to let go." Some negative key words mentioned within the writer's vocabulary in this book are: demoralization, enemy, flaws, faults, tension, bad mental habits, threaten, warning, shatter, permanent, worrying, harmful, dangerous, panic and undesirable, Positive vocabulary used in this book to counter-act the negative words above are: brave, honest, relax, soothe, energize, safe, forgive, strengths, peaceful, strong, partnership, healthy, powerful, brilliant, nurturing, honesty, acceptance, courage, flourish, opportunities, benefits, focus and energy. I wish I could say more and believe more about the topic presented in this book. I've tried many times in my life to turn things around by mental ability. I honestly think this is way to continue to motivate yourself to just keep moving on in life. I don't think that just by 'thinking' about something that it will happen. I could post examples here, but will refrain because I do not want to drudge up old memories just to upset myself on a book review. Change takes action, that I believe. But even sometimes with action and doing the best you possibly can do, that still isn't enough. It's discouraging, and unfortunately we learn to live with it. I do not totally disagree with the thoughts and exercises presented in this book. Like the author said, it's not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Definitely read this book to get ideas to help yourself deal with your inner critic. Try to apply the mental exercises presented and choose the ones that are best for you!