Three Sisters (Blackberry Island) - Susan Mallery

This is the second book in the Blackberry Island trilogy. If you didn't read the 1st book, Barefoot Season, that won't matter because a few of the characters only appear a few times in this book (in the beginning and at the end) and this story isn't tied to the first book at all.

Three Sisters is about a woman named Andi who moves to Blackberry Island from Seattle to get away from her old life. She was jilted at the alter by her fiance and boyfriend of 10 years and has decided to start anew on Blackberry Island. Andi is a pediatrician and buys a home that she wants to convert into her pediatric practice. There are two houses located on either side of the house she purchases. Deanna, her husband Colin and 5 girls live on one side and Boston and Zeke live on the other. The houses are actually known as the 'three sisters' because they are the only houses located on a hill.

It is nice to see how these new neighbors become friends in this book. The third book in this series is called Evening Stars which is due out in March 2014. That book will be about Andi's nurse Nina and her sister Averil. I'm hoping to see more of the characters from the first 2 books in the final installment of this series so we can see where they are at in their lives.