1225 Christmas Tree Lane: 1225 Christmas Tree LaneLet It Snow - Debbie Macomber

This is the last book in the Cedar Cove series. This last installment introduces a divorced Mom named Beth Morehouse who owns a local tree farm. Her daughters are coming home from college for Christmas and have told their father that their mother wants him to come home for the holiday and told their mother their father wants to spend the holiday with them all. A parent trap! There is one snafu with the girls plans though, their father brings a female 'friend' with him.

The book also has cameos of all the characters from the other books in the series. Beth is known in the town as an animal lover and recently someone dropped ten black lab puppies on her doorstep. She needs to find homes for all the dogs before her and her daughters leave for a vacation after Christmas day. The dogs are a great way to bring all the previous characters into this story line.

This book was a nice way to wrap up this series, although I hate to say good-bye too all the characters in Cedar Cove. It's a good thing this series is being made into a television series! I can't wait!