The Beach House (Mass Market) - Mary Alice Monroe
This was my first read by author Mary Alice Monroe. When I started reading the book I wasn't sure I liked it much. It started off kind of slow. By the time I got to Chapter 5, I was hooked! (There are 27 chapters in this book by the way.)

Caretta (Cara) Rutledge has been on her own since she was 18 years old.
She grew up in Charleston, SC and spent her summers at the beach house on the Isle Of Palms with her mother and brother as a child. After 20 years away from her South Carolina roots, Cara returns home due to a letter her mother, Olivia (Lovie) writes her. (Trying to write this without too many spoilers!)

While she is home she learns a lot about herself and some things about her past. She also becomes a 'turtle lady' like her Mom. Surprisingly, I enjoyed learning about the loggerhead turtles along with the story line. There is a romance within this book, but it definitely is not the focus of the book, nor is this a 'racey' romantic novel.

I definitely recommend giving this book a try. There is a follow up book to 'The Beach House' called 'Swimming Lessons' and a prequel to the book called 'Beach House Memories'. Guess what I'll be reading next? ;-)