Return to Sullivan's Island (Lowcountry Tales #6) - Dorothea Benton Frank

This is the continuation of the first book, 'Sullivan's Island', which I thoroughly enjoyed. The first book was about Susan Hayes and her life as a child growing up and her present life. This second installment is about Beth Hayes, Susan's daughter, who is now a college-graduate and has agreed to house sit their family's beach home called the Island Gamble.

I had a difficult time even liking Beth in the first chapter of this book and actually started another book, finished that book, and came back to 'Return To Sullivan's Island'. Beth's character in the very beginning just seemed to feel that she was above everyone else in her family. Snooty. The book seemed like it was starting to have some potential, but the story line got kind of wishy-washy for me. Without giving out spoilers to the story, it seemed like items were wrapped up quickly and abruptly and before I knew it the story ended. Beth's character was quite naive and portrayed as she felt she was better than others. Not extremely likable, like her mother was in Sullivan's Island.