Snowfall At Willow Lake  - Susan Wiggs

This story is mainly about Sophie Bellamy, Daisy and Max Bellamy's mother. She's been an absentee mother for most of her children's lives. She chose her career as an international lawyer over her family. She finds herself in a hostage situation and survives. After coming through this terrifying time she decides to move to Avalon, NY where her children and ex-husband reside. She unexpectedly finds herself falling for the local veterinarian, Noah Shepherd, who is much younger than she is.

I did not like Sophie Bellamy's character from what I knew about her from the previous books in this series. This book turned her from a career-driven powerhouse lawyer into a caring, loving, present mother. Although I have respect for the position she held as an international lawyer and all that she gave up to pursue that career, it was refreshing to watch her evolve into a mother-figure and ever-present in her children's lives.