The Last Original Wife: A Novel - Dorothea Benton Frank
This is the story of Leslie (Les) and Wesley (Wes). They've been married for thirty years. Recently Wes' closest friends have divorced and married much younger women. They all go on a golfing trip to Scotland and on the way back from the golf outing, Les falls int into an open manhole and gets badly injured. The worst part of this is that Wes, his friends and their wives don't even realize she's missing until they get back to the hotel. Then, the next day Wes has another round of gold scheduled so he has one of his friends young wives sit with Les.

All of this sets Les off and is the springboard for this entire book. Les begins thinking about her entire thirty year marriage; what she's given and what Wes has taken. She gets the courage to 'take a break' from her marriage by visiting her brother in Charleston, SC (whom she hasn't seen in forever because he is gay and her husband Wes is homophobic.) While she is there she ponders a lot of what her marriage was and wasn't. The book goes back and forth (every other chapter) between Les and Wes' point of view of what is happening. It is great to see the thought process of each of them as things begin to change in their lives.

I gave this book 3 stars because although it was an interesting read at times, it was also a little bland to me.