Entrepren Intrapr & Venture - Hisrich
I saw this book on a display table at my public library while I was waiting to check out books I was borrowing. I didn't even look inside the book. I thought with the title "Eat Right For Your Body Type" (I wasn't sure what Ayurveda was. I thought maybe it was a person) it might have some insight for what to eat for my body type. So when I got home and started to read the book I was surprised to learn that Ayurveda is "a holistic science that believes in the unity of mind, body and soul, so being ill in one area can affect you in another." Ayurveda means "science" or "knowledge of life" and comes from India. When I learned that and started to page through the book and see ingredients I never heard of and spicy dishes, I decided that I wouldn't be reading the recipes. Spicy isn't my thing.

I did read about the different body types: Vata dosha, Pitta dosha, and Kapha dosha. (Not apple, banana, pear, or hourglass like I was expecting.) Interesting, but not for me.