Skinny Bitch - Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin
I borrowed this book from the library knowing it was more about eating organically, than about losing weight. If you are/were one of the people who bought this book as a weight loss guide, you may be/may have been a bit disappointed.

This book is written in an in-your-face manner with some strong language thrown in to try to be funny. A lot of the information is quoted from over 226 sources and most of the information I have heard before from the movie Food Inc. If you're looking for a weight loss program, this book is not that. The authors are guiding you to be a vegetarian so you can put healthier foods into your body and lose weight. There is nothing wrong with striving to eat healthier and more whole foods. I'm not sure that borderline scare tactics are the route to getting people to eating this way, but they make many valid points such as: animal cruelty, factory farming, chemical additives, refined sugar, the effects of caffeine and alcohol on your body.

The book kept my interest (I finished it in a day and a half) and is probably the most entertaining 'diet' book I've ever read, but really I don't think I could survive on the meal plans they list in the back. I am definitely trying to eat healthier (food prices are a big factor in eating healthier) and will try to incorporate some of their ideas (more fruit in the morning, less dairy) into my diet.