5-B Poppy Lane - Debbie Macomber
I finished reading the Cedar Cove series, or so I thought. Apparently their was a novella written in an anthology book and was supposed to be read after 50 Harbor Street. The story was re-printed in a reissue of a Cedar Cove Christmas (I read the Kindle edition), but most of this story is a re-telling of Helen Shelton's life during WWII and not fully based around Christmas time. I read this book in one day.

Ruth Shelton is coming to town to visit with her grandmother, Helen Shelton. Helen is chatting with Charlotte Rhodes about her grand daughter and is refreshing Charlotte's memory about her grand daughter and the first time Charlotte met her.

The story follows Helen's grand daughter Ruth, when she decides to send a Christmas card to a nameless serviceman. The serviceman who receives the card, Sgt. Paul Gordon, writes her back and wants to correspond with Ruth through e-mails. Ruth is concerned because she isn't supportive of the war in Afghanistan. The couple seems to fall in love through their letters and when they meet, they share a lunch date with Ruth's grandmother Helen, where they learn about her grandmother's secret past during WWII.

This novella tells the story of two couples in love during wartime. It is touching and realistic.