8 Sandpiper Way - Debbie Macomber
This is the 8th book in the Cedar Cove series. This book continues the stories of Dave and Emily Fleming, Christie Miller, James Wilbur, Olivia Lockhart Griffin, Troy Davis, Faith Beckwith, Shaw Wilson and Tanni Bliss.

Emily Fleming has found diamond earrings in her husband's suit coat pocket and knows they don't have the funds to afford jewelry of this nature. She originally believes her husband is having an affair.

Christie Miller is falling for James Wilbur and he may be falling for her as well.

Olivia Griffin Lockhart is recovering from surgery and will be starting chemotherapy after Christmas.

Troy Davis has broken off his relationship with his former high school girlfriend, Faith Beckwith, because he thinks his daughter Megan would not approve of him dating so soon after his wife's (her mother's death). Little does he know that Megan has become quite fond of Faith.

Shaw Wilson shows Tanni Bliss his artwork and she takes some of his work to her mother, a local fabric artist, to get her opinion on his work.

As usual, I love how there are so many on-going stories in this series and how they continue in each book. The next book in this series is 'A Cedar Cove Christmas'.