74 Seaside Avenue - Debbie Macomber
The main storyline in book 7 of the Cedar Cove series is the threat towards Bobby Polgar and Teri Miller Polgar. A Russian chess competitor to Bobby has threatened Bobby that if he doesn't throw a chess competition his wife may be in danger.

As usual there are side stories involving other Cedar Cover residents.
Bobby's driver James has a crush on and Terri's sister Christie, but she seems unhappy with this.

Grace Sherman Harding deals with her best friend Olivia Lockhart Griffin's brother moving to Cedar Cove. Olivia is now dealing with a health concern which shakes her husband Jack Griffin who is a recovering alcoholic.

Linnette McAfee, daughter of Roy & Corrie McAfee leaves Cedar Cove after her breakup with Cal Washburn.

A few more side stories in this book, but I don't want to spoil it all! Looking forward to finding out more about these characters in the next book in this series....8 Sandpiper Way!