Winter Garden - Kristin Hannah
At first I did not know if I was going to enjoy this book. In the beginning it started to remind me of a V.C. Andrews book in that the mother was so detached and mean to her children (like the grandmother in Flowers In The Attic, almost). It took a bit for me to get settled into the sisters characters, but eventually I understood why the author had to delve into their personalities so much; to explain how being so detached from their mother had affected them.

Without giving any spoilers away, I was quite upset that the father did not seek help for his wife because he knew that the mother shutting out their daughters was not healthy for any of them. He tried to make up for the relationship his daughters did not have with their mother by trying to be extra loving toward them.

This story does eventually get down to the nitty gritty of why the mother is so distant towards her daughters. It is a touch of a historical novel as well as being contemporary. The way the stories intertwine is wonderful. It had me crying and was very moving. I highly recommend reading this book.