Girls of Summer - Barbara Bretton
I was hoping this was going to be more of a beach read, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

The first thing that bothered me was how quickly the author introduced a whole bunch of characters in the beginning of the book. It was kind of confusing.

Secondly, the story of the disconnection with Ellen and her family was kind of sad. It just didn't grab me in a way that I felt like I wanted to read on and find out more about the heartache of how she did not feel a part of either side of her family.

The storyline between Ellen and Hall was believable, but the way they kept bringing in the Annie byline, bothered me a bit. The Susan side story was kind of lame and I thought that didn't need to really be a part of the story.

It was not a quick read for me, but I am going to try reading another of her books called 'Shore Lights'. I'm hoping it was just this book that didn't catch my interest and maybe I will enjoy another of her books.