Uninvited Guest - George Harmon Coxe
This is a wonderfully written book. I enjoyed it immensely. Amy Grant writes this book as a collection of memories interspersed with songs she has written that coincided with the memories she is recalling.

She is a breath of fresh air. Her writing comes through as a woman of faith; she's so touching and real. By real, I mean not an egotistic celebrity. Most of the book doesn't talk in depth about her celebrity, but rather her family and people that have touched her life...close friends and strangers alike.

I must say that I know of a number of Amy's songs, but am not a follower of her music. After reading her book I look forward to hearing more of her songs and looking at her lyrics more closely.

Reading her book was enlightening and she has such a wonderful way with words. I'd definitely recommend reading this book.