The Summer Wind - Mary Alice Monroe
                                                         I received this book in exchange
                                                   for an honest review from NetGalley.
This is book 2 in the Lowcountry Summer trilogy.  You should really read the first book, The Summer Girls,  before diving into this one so you can truly understand the characters and their back stories.  
This book picks up where the last book left off.  It is now July and the half sisters, Dora, Carson and Harper have agreed to stay at their Mamaw Marietta's beach house, the Sea Breeze on Sullivan's Island, SC for the remainder of the summer before she sells it.
Carson is in Florida for most of this book, but Monroe again does a wonderful job of incorporating each of the half sisters into the storyline, while also spotlighting one of the half sisters.  This book's spotlight is on Dora. 
Dora is facing a divorce from her husband Cal, dealing with health issues, her autistic son and interest from her first love who still lives on Sullivan Island.  She has many changes ahead in her life and this book focuses on how she's going to handle everything that is coing her way.
Harper is also discovering more about herself and making an effort to become closer to Dora.  She throws herself into gardening and helps Dora with implementing exercise into her daily routine.
There are a few surprises in this book, one involving a life choice and another involving an illness.
Monroe also sneaks in a visit from Cara from the book The Beach House with a scene about sea turtles hatching.  This was a pleasant surprise which took me right back to that book's storyline.  If you haven't read that series don;t be concerned because she doesn't reveal too much from that book in this story.  
Looking forward to the third book in this series, which will most likely focus on Harper and the sale of the Sea Breeze.  I don;t want to wait until summer 2015 to read it though!!!!